Seeding Square

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  • Makes the planting process easier and faster
  • Can multiply your harvest become efficient with your garden space
  • Wonderful teaching tool for kids

What is the Seeding Square?

Seeding Square is the perfect gardening companion. It helps guide your planting process by showing you the patterns and spacing you’ll need to create thus elemating any guesswork. It has different spacing options dependant on what type of plants you use.

Due to it increasing your garden efficiency, you’ll be able to maximize your space. Knowing where to plant your seeds is essential to a healthy and thriving garden. Furthermore, the right placement of seeds can lead to doubling or even tripling plant yields! In addition to this, because of the systematic spacing, weeds will be easier to identify and eliminate. 

Besides the geometric seeding planting principles, it also comes with a seed funnel which makes planting seeds easier and more accessible for seniors, kids and anyone else.

How does the seeding square work?

The seeding square has color-coded holes which describe the distances between each other. it comes with a seed planting funnel which ensuring a seamless plant every time. Additionally, it also comes with a wand and spoon, that fit snugly in the back to make storing more convenient and reduce the chances of misplacing any of the pieces. Finally, there’s of course a depth marker to make the perfect holes each and every time. 

The seeding square also comes with a planting guide. Use this to spice up your gardening journey whether you’re brand new or a seasoned gardener. The planting guide comes with a list of various seeds and their recommended planting distances. Planting seeds using a square seed is quickly becoming the gold standard of inefficient gardening. Thus, if you’re wanting to plant any flowers or vegetables that you don’t see on the list, a quick search engine look will connect you with endless information. The seeding square also makes the perfect gift for someone who is passionate about gardening. 

Seeding Square is one square foot and has a depth of one inch. Taking square foot gardening to the next level.

Lastly, It is made with RoHS-compliant materials for your safet

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1 review for Seeding Square

  1. Parvin R.

    Saw This on Shark tank
    it doesn’t take up too much space which is a big plus
    definitely helped planting my herbs.

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