About Our Mission

Learn more about us, our 40 year old business and our promise to the environment.

To develop products and services beneficial to society that, at all times, acknowledge and respect the reality that we are the privileged caretakers of our fragile global environment and are “duty-bound”, throughout this process, to protect, nurture and value all living things.


About Our Promise

Kelpman promises you a Canadian Pacific Coast kelp product line that will be the following:

  • Harvested by hand to protect the environment
  • Processed cold within hours of harvest to maximize potency
  • Formulated with no caustic or toxic chemicals
  • Committed to not altering kelp’s natural- occurring properties
  • Dedicated to the safety and protection of all living things
  • Offered to you in a concentrated form and never watered down
  • Focused on delivering great dollar value to consumers
  • Marketed proudly world-wide as a premier
  • Canadian products