About Us

Learn more about us, our 40 year old business and our promise to the environment.

About Our Mission

To develop products and services beneficial to society that, at all times, acknowledge and respect the reality that we are the privileged caretakers of our fragile global environment and are “duty-bound”, throughout this process, to protect, nurture and value all living things.

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About Our Promise

Kelpman promises you a Canadian Pacific Coast kelp product line that will be the following:

  • Harvested by hand to protect the environment
  • Processed cold within hours of harvest to maximize potency
  • Formulated with no caustic or toxic chemicals
  • Committed to not altering kelp’s natural- occurring properties
  • Dedicated to the safety and protection of all living things
  • Offered to you in a concentrated form and never watered down
  • Focused on delivering great dollar value to consumers
  • Marketed proudly world-wide as a premier Canadian products

Kelpman Team

Jim Haliburton


Jim grew up in West Vancouver, BC Canada. He moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 17. He took his last year of high school in the San Fernando Valley and then attended Los Angeles Pierce College. Jim later received his business degree at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. While playing college sports, Jim’s life would change forever. A life-threatening head injury playing intercollegiate soccer changed the way he looked at his future.

He realized that he survived to serve a new mission. His life work would be to serve others through giving back to society. Jim would volunteer whenever and wherever possible. He also identified that the vision for his business career was to serve. By searching out products and services that could make life better for people in all walks of life.

Today, he continues to appreciate, cherish and applaud the valuable and remarkable contributions John Denver and Jacques Cousteau made in the early 1970s. They were early pioneers bringing environmental awareness to a world that wasn’t always watching or engaging.  Please listen to John Denver’s song Calypso!

Jim also accepts the fact that his volunteer work in environmental causes and business interest in organic agriculture has earned him the name KelpMan.

Jim believes we all have the capability to contribute to society by first, finding our passion and never giving up in our pursuit. 

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Arman Shad

Business Development Manager

Arman Shad is a bit of an international nomad as he’s lived in Germany, Iran, Dubai, and Vancouver Canada. He’s got a plethora of experience in many different kinds of businesses. When he was young he worked in his family business in Dubai which focused on importing home appliances.  In Iran, he was more involved in the retail side of the business.

While in Canada, he was running his own large-scale events all across BC. Following that he worked in the retail world as a sales associate and manager. After that he started working for Mosaic marketing, representing large brands in major retail outlets.

Arman joins the Kelpman team as the Business Development Manager, after almost two decades of knowing about Jim and his business. He now focuses on growing the e-commerce side of the business. While also making sure that the operations side of the business is working like a well-oiled machine.

Arman believes that the environment will be a central problem for us as a species. Already we are seeing dramatic growth in the green sector of the economy. With that in mind, he’s got a very positive outlook on the future of Kelpman and what incredible impact it can have on Canada and the rest of the world.

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