What is KelpMan®

Liquid Kelp, pure and simple. Using KelpMan will result in improved plants and harvest, and a green thumb so big; that you'll think you can grow anything! Environmentally friendly, safe for you, family, and pets. Additionally, it improves your soil quality.... no need for overly complicated toxic fertilizers anymore!

Why KelpMan®

  • Organic

    made without any chemicals

  • Safe and Simple to use

    No charts or planners needed

  • Incredible Results

    use once every two weeks all year

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Who is it for

KelpMan products are great for any kind of grower. Whether you have small planters in your apartment, or have a farm. KelpMan Liquid Kelp Fertilizer's organic property means that with zero risk you can experiment with the product. KelpMan Liquid Kelp Fertilizer is also available for wholesale and affiliate programs, and soon will be used by city municipalities.

  • Thank you Kelpman!
    Just wanted to let you know that I just used the kelp fertilizer twice on my plants and the transformation is amazing, I can almost see them grow with my own eyes!
    they changed colour, turning to a much healthier green only a few hours....Thank you for everything!

  • This year I used your Kelp Man in the garden and it helped me grow a 1379 pound pumpkin!
    We had a cool summer in eastern ontario this year, but growth stayed pretty decent for the most part despite the cold nights.
    It's nice to see a Canadian company in the kelp business.

  • A tale of Resurrections! During the recent "heat dome" my
    Geranium blooms were "fried". I dead-headed, gave the plants some of Kelpman and voila!
    Now 2+ weeks later the plants are full of healthy new buds.

  • I purchased Kelpman as my cedars weren't doing that well. We planted them in June, and it was a big challenge during the summer to keep them healthy.
    I used Kelpman 4 times and I am amazed by the results.
    Thank you for this product!

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