What is Kelpman?

Kelpman liquid fertilizer will improve your plants’ health while, enhance edible crop taste and yield. It gives you the confidence to grow successfully. It is environmentally friendly. 

No need for manmade chemical fertilizers anymore!

Incredible Results

Use once every two weeks all year


Made without harmful chemicals

Safe and Simple to use

No charts or planners needed


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    How we get our kelp

    Kelpman specialty fertilizer is made from the fast growing tips of the giant pacific kelp species known by the botanical term macrocystis integrifolia. To protect and preserve the kelp bed long-term, the kelp is hand-harvested by divers from the cold, pristine and secluded waters of coastal British Columbia. This giant kelp is the fastest growing plant known, reaching up to 3 feet per day! harvesting takes place in late spring and again in early fall (to protect indigenous species). Only the actively growing portion of the tip of the plant (2 to 4 meters) is selected. It replaces itself in three days.

    The manufacturing process is simple and distinctive. The harvested kelp is brought to the processing plant where it is power-washed with fresh water. Then, the kelp is liquefied by a specialized cold process which mechanically reduces the plant to a potent liquid. It is easily compatible with any commercial spray or applicator equipment. Kelpman retains all of the kelp’s natural properties and is in no way chemically altered. By contrast, competing liquid kelp products are dehydrated using caustic bases under high temperature and pressure. Due to the aggressive processing they must endure, dehydrated kelp products are inferior in quality and performance.