Water Retention Liner

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  • This fiber liner reduces the amount of water needed to to grow your plants.
  • It is 100% organic and environmentally friendly.
  • It is also, a growing medium.
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Kelpman Water Retention Liner is a thin natural organic fiber mat made without the use of toxic binders or chemical additives.

What are the features of a water retention liner?

  • The water retention liner can be cut into any size to fit into any kind of space or cover for your indoor and outdoor needs. It reduces insect infestations, weeds, and the amount of water needed to water your plants.
  • Water retention liners reduce the amount of water needed to grow your plants
  • Giving your plants an extra boost during the early days of their growth
  • A fantastic choice to provide extra moisture needed to ensure your seeds thrive.
  • Longer shelf-lives for their sprouts when they use our Water Retention Liners as tray liners
  • The liner can function as an efficient basket-liner that’ll reduce evaporation and watering needs.

What are the benefits of using a water retention liner?

  • Allows water to seep in a constant manner down to the root system
  • It reduces moisture loss at the base of the plants (by placing the liner around your mature plants, seeds, or seedlings).
  • An increase in worm activity (meaning the rate of nutrient transfer and soil porosity increases allowing for better root systems, controlled weed growth, and erosion caused by water or wind.)
  • Environmentally friendly and turns into an organic mulch by the end of the growing season.


    In the Garden: use it to cover the immediate area around your plants. You can cut it to size and lay it in place. Then, cut through it to plant seeds, seedlings, or transplant more mature plants/crops.

    Hanging Baskets and Pots: The Water Retention Liner makes an excellent liner for hanging baskets!

    Sprouting Tray Liners: Cut and Use as a medium for growing edible sprouts and micro-greens.

    Some Kelpful Hint: When transplanting into pots, fill the pot ⅓ with soil then, cut a square of the Water Retention Liner (or use small scrap pieces) and place it on top of the soil. Put the balance of soil and plants into the pot. This will reduce your water usage dramatically! Also, remember to use Kelpman Kelp Fertilizer to speed up germination rates and further boost your sprouts for optimum freshness and nutritional value.

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  1. niki

    Water Retention Liner is awesome

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