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Liquid Kelp Fertilizer

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Liquid kelp fertilizer is 100% environmentally friendly.
Used for Indoor/outdoor plants, hydroponics, sprouting, lawns/grass, or hanging baskets.
It will also help plants recover from stress or shock

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Liquid kelp fertilizer or seaweed fertilizer is a 100% plant-based and organic. Our slow and cold-pressed processing guarantees all our liquid kelp have the highest integrity and purity when juiced. This method ensures the highest amount of kelp enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are kept in each bottle. Each bottles seaweed scent will remind you of the North Pacific Coast. Our kelp fertilizer is not dehydrated or diluted and does not use blends, extracts or powders. Accordingly, our commitment to quality results in a seaweed fertilizer that has a unique micronutrient profile. We package all out Kelp in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

What are the features of Liquid Kelp Fertilizer?

  • 100% environmentally friendly. Making it safe for your kids and pets. 

  • Use it all year round for both indoor and outdoor plants.

  • As Seaweed is a naturally congealing, it keeps its nutritional values.

  • Hand-harvested in the Pacific Coast and packaged in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Will not leach or disrupt top-soil biodiversity.

What are the benefits of Liquid Kelp Fertilizer?

  • The congealing characteristic of kelp fertilizer doubles as a natural time-release fertilizer.
  • Increases the energy plants store through photosynthesis.

  • Cold-processed so you get all the nutrients from the kelp plant. 

  • Support microorganisms, prevent soil erosion, and reduce weeds and parasites.

  • Leads to almost 20% increase in wheat yields. In fact, this correlation was due to an increases in plant spike, spike weight, and spike length. 

  • Guarantees a greater solution to water ratio, thus, a little goes a long way.

Our Promise

Taking care of the environment is our purpose. We are committed to safeguarding our kelp production from harvesting to production. Only the top of our kelp is hand-harvested ensuring that the kelp remains intact and healthy. This will result in providing nutrients for marine life and filtering the ocean waters.

Step by Step Instruction to use Kelp

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1 review for Liquid Kelp Fertilizer

  1. Hayden Douglas

    I used the liquid kelp to speed up my composting process and it worked fantastically !

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