Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is designed to both help the environment and help gardeners.

Why join our affiliate program?

The Kelpman affiliate program lets you earn a commission by promoting our products. The best part is there are no upfront investment and it’s easy to get started. if you have a passion for gardening and beleive in the Kelpman mission, then you will be a great fit for our program.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a partnership with fantastic educator, influencer, content creator, or reviewers. You must care about the environment and have an audience passionate about gardening and plant growth.

How to get started as an affiliate?

If you are novice affiliate consider the following to have the most success with our affiliate program.

Define who your target audience is:

Understanding who your audience is will help you with creating marketing material for that niche.

Which platform is your audience most active on:

This could be Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Pinterest. The platform you choose relates to your target audience.

The Kelpman promise

You will always be an equal partner. We will provide you with any information and resources you need to communicate with your audience.

The goal of Kelpman is to move away from chemical fertilizer which is not the best source of plant nutrients. Moving towards a organic healthier way to feed our plants is the right thing to do. All our products are of nature’s best ingredients and produced in North America.

How do we fulfill orders?

We take care of the manual labor and we fulfill orders within 24 hours during business days (Monday – Friday).

Let’s work together to make a positive mark on this world.

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Affiliate Contact Form

We are currently promoting our Liquid Kelp Fertilizer & Water Rentention Liner for our affiliate program. If you would like to become a partner fill out our contact form. 

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