Kelpman Cleaner


  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • For Indoor and Outdoor
  • Non-Toxic and Bio-degradable
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After Years Of Development, This Kelpman Cleaner Is Ideal For Use In Both The Home And Garden. Always With Utmost Respect And Care For Our Fragile Global Environment!

The Benefits Of Kelpman Cleaner

  • Natural And Organic
  • Easy To Use
  • Non-Toxic And Bio-Degradable
  • Safe For You, Family and Pets
  • No Residues, Fumes or Caustic Chemicals
  • Safe For Water Tables
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Great Dollar Value
  • Results You Won’t Believe
  • It makes a great shampoo for pets and livestock
  • It’s A Fantastic Spot Remover for Fabrics and Carpets

Mixing Options

A) Basic Mix: 4 Litres (1 Gal) Hot Water + 20Ml (1Tbsp) Concentrate

B) Power Mix: 4 Litres (1 Gal) Hot Water + 160Ml (2/3 Cup) “

C) Use Full Strength: On Fiberglass, Tiles, Grout, Shower Curtains, Carpeting, Marble, Porcelain, Canvas, Autos, Boats, Tires, Bicycles, Lawn Mowers, Driveways And The Garage.

To Mix Easily, Melt The Desired Amount Of Concentrate In A Small Saucepan On Your Stove Top. Remove Before It Boils And Add It To Your Hot Water. Note: Since No Caustic Or Dangerous Chemicals Are In Our Formula, Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Any Of The Three Options. There’s No Sense In Wasting Your Money, So Try Making A Basic Mix First. If You Don’t Achieve The Result You Want, Try The Power Mix And/Or Full Strength Option(S).

The Basic Mix…..Use On Glass, Mirrors, Stainless Steel Appliances, Furniture, Antiques, Cabinets, And Painted Surfaces. Also, Ideal For Window And Windshield Washer Fluid. In The Garden- Spray On Aphids.

The Power Mix…..Use On Floors, Carpets. Upholstery, Car Leather And Fabric Interiors. For Washing Clothes- Add 250Ml Power Mix To ½ The Suggested Amount Of Laundry Detergent


if you have more questions about our Kelpman Cleaner, you can reach us at our Contact Us page


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