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  • Seeding Square - Kelpman
  • Seeding Square - Kelp Man
  • Seeding Square - Kelp Man
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Kelp Man

Seeding Square

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Benefits of Seeding Square
    Make the Planting process easier
    Can multiply your harvest
    become efficient with your garden space
    You'll have fewer weeds and they'll stand out more easily 
    Super accurate for planting your seeds
    Uniformity in your plant growth
    Speeds up the planting process
    Wonderful teaching tool for kids

    Features of the Seeding Square
    Simplifies gardening with color-coded holes
    Optimized for whatever plant size
    Wand and spool are magnetized to the holes for easy handling 
    Easy to store 
    All materials used are RoHS compliant