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  • Seeding Square - Kelpman
  • Seeding Square - Kelp Man
  • Seeding Square - Kelp Man
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Kelp Man

Seeding Square

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Benefits of Seeding Square
Simplifies the planting process
Save money on food bills
Can double or triple the harvest
Optimizes & organizes garden space
Weeds are fewer & easier to identify
Gives depth accuracy for seed holes
Plants grow in beautiful uniform grids
Planting is done quickly
Great for teaching kids & new gardeners
Spoon & funnel great for kids & seniors

Features of the Seeding Square
Color-coded for simple planting
Space is optimized for each plant type
Leaves perimeter impressions in the soil
Magnetized to the Wand/Spoon
Small profile for easy storage
All materials used are RoHS compliant