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  • Fish Fertilizer - Kelp Man
  • Fish Fertilizer - Kelp Man
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Kelp Man

Fish Fertilizer

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Something’s fishy around here!

….. not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Good news for hobby gardeners and commercial growers alike! The new Kelpman® (Lo-Scent) Fish Fertilizer makes successful growing results safer and easier than ever before!

Kelpman® Fish Fertilizer is a cold-processed, enzymatically digested fresh fish fertilizer that performs as a natural bio-stimulant.  Low-temperature processing allows enzymes to remain alive after digestion, and they become active when the user adds water.  When applied to the soil, these enzymes go to work and biologically unlock the nutrients contained in the soil, giving Kelpman® Fish Fertilizer a unique composting effect. Plant color, growth, and overall health will improve, and your plants will build up maximum resistance to pests and stress.

Our fish fertilizer is a low scent fish fertilizer! This is because we do not use a bunch of smelly old fish leftovers from processing plants, which is how many other fish fertilizers are manufactured.  We use only fresh fish, naturally-occurring enzymes, and no heat!  This eliminates much of the smell you are used to with regular fish fertilizers and ensures a very high level of product quality and consistency in the finished product. 

         Gardeners and growers love these additional benefits:

  • Easily applied by watering can spray, and drip watering systems.
  • Completely safe for the water tables.
  • Completely non-burning to leaves, roots, and stems.

In addition, our cold process ensures the natural oils and collagens are not removed or destroyed during processing.  This ensures Kelpman® Fish Fertilizer will keep on feeding because nutrients remain in the soil much longer, thus providing a powerful time-release effect.