Liquid Fish Fertilizer

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  • Liquid Fish fertilizer is 100% environmentally friendly.
  • It can result in stronger, larger, and healthier plants that bloom longer.
  • Use for outdoor plants and apply at their base.
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Liquid Fish Fertilizer uses whole BC Squalus Acanthias. The Fish is cold-processed with naturally-occurring enzymes, which ensures its purity, and potency. We use whole fish to make our fish fertilizer formula. As a result, the liquid is much lighter in smell as compared to traditional fish fertilizers. Our fishing practices are both responsible and environmentally sound. With Liquid Fish Fertilizer, organic farming yields can increase. The fertilizer is also great for outdoor plants, helping them grow fast and healthy.

What are the features of liquid fish fertilizer? 

  • Use it as an organic alternative to man-made chemically blended fertilizer.
  • Low scent smell compared to other fish fertilizer brands.
  • Helps your plants thrive while, enhancing soil fertility.

What are the benefits of liquid fish fertilizer? 

  • Results in stronger, larger, and healthier plants that have longer bloom times.
  • Effective during colder weather, making it a superior choice to animal manure.
  • Helps protect our water tables.
  • Provides stressed plants with an organic bioavailable source of nutrients.
  • Provides nitrogen, other trace minerals and oils. This encourages increased soil microbes, microorganism activity and supercharges plant growth.
  • Can be used in a watering-can, pressure sprayer or in commercial equipment.

Our Promise

Taking care of the environment is our purpose. We protect the ecosystem by ensuring sustainable fishing and processing practices.

Step by Step instructions to use our Fish Fertilizer

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1 review for Liquid Fish Fertilizer

  1. Alec K.

    I used this on my garlic
    it didn’t smell as bad and my garlic turned out great!
    what else is there to say

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