• Robert Haliburton

    Robert grew up in Toronto, Ontario. He met his wife Deanna, a.k.a. “De”, circa 1967, in public school. They began dating in 1972 and married in 1978. They have two daughters, both with their own families, the oldest living in Brantford ON and the youngest in Vancouver, BC.

    Unfortunately, De developed Young On Set Alzheimer’s Disease in 2016 and passed away on April 01, 2021. On the same day the new ownership structure of Kelpman began. As Jim so wisely said, “De has given you the gift of time” which has set the new direction of his life to fulfill a legacy through Kelpman, Sea Spray Entertainment and GoBloc. Re-partnering is not on any horizon and so HHVG is providing a life purpose.

    As a Chartered Professional Accountant, Robert has 40+ years of working experience in large Corporate environments, with a focus on integrated financial systems and operational planning systems, operations, ( including SAP ), HR & Labor Relations. Robert has worked for DoAll Industrial Supply Group, Stanley Corporation, Parmalat, Coca Cola and Olympic Wholesale.

    Working with Food Processors in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Robert was very involved in the entire business process from Sales Forecasting through Production and Distribution.

    Kelpman has a CPG element dealing with customers such as Home Depot, Costco, and Home Hardware.
    Integrity is an essential element of Robert’s life outlook. Knowing that Jim also shares the same values, therefore joining Kelpman was without question.
    Robert feels he still has so much to offer in this new phase of life. Robert has extensive experience, with both business & life skills, to be able to contribute to his communities and build a Legacy by taking innovative “green” products to market.