Jim Haliburton

Jim grew up in West Vancouver, BC Canada. He moved to Los Angeles,
California at the age of 17. He took his last year of high school in the
San Fernando Valley and then attended Los Angeles Pierce College. He
later received his business degree at California Lutheran University in
Thousand Oaks, California.
While playing college sports, Jim’s life would change forever. A life-
threatening head injury playing inter-collegiate soccer, changed the way
he looked at his future.

He realized that he survived to serve a new mission. His life work would
be to serve others through giving back to society. He would volunteer
whenever and wherever possible. He also identified that the vision for
his business career was to serve by searching out products and services
that could make life better for people in all walks of life.
Today, he continues to appreciate, cherish and applaud the valuable and
remarkable contributions John Denver and Jacques Cousteau made in
the early 1970’s .They were early pioneers bringing environmental
awareness to a world that wasn’t always watching or engaging.
Please listen to John Denver’s song Calypso!
Jim also accepts the fact that his volunteer work in environmental
causes and business interest in organic agriculture has affectionately
earned him the name .............KelpMan®
Jim believes we all have the capability to contribute positively to society
by first, finding our passion and never giving up in our pursuit.
As Robert Kennedy once said.....

“Some people see things as they are...and say why?
1 dream things that never were...and say why not?”