Baby Blanket

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Years in the making, Baby Blanket is a thin, natural organic fiber mat made without the use of toxic binders or chemical additives.


These are but a few of the many uses you will find for the Baby Blanket:

 In the garden: use selectively to cover the immediate area around your plants.  It can be cut to size and laid in place. Then, cut through it to plant seeds, seedlings, or transplant more mature plants/crops.  Allows water to seep through to the root systems while reducing moisture loss at the base of your plants.  Also, the Baby Blanket increases worm activity, reduces weeds and erosion, effectively replaces plastic liners, AND turns into an organic mulch by the end of the growing season!

 Hanging Baskets: Makes an excellent liner for hanging baskets!  Purchase our precut liners, or buy Baby Blanket by the roll and cut to your own dimensions.  Use the roll to line plant pots, to cover soil in pots, and significantly reduce need for watering due to evaporation.

 Sprouting Tray Liners: Cut and use as a medium for sprouting seeds for planting, or growing edible sprouts!  These liners hold moisture for extra insurance that your sprouts will survive and thrive.  Commercial sprouting companies report a longer shelf life for sprouts grown using Baby Blanket Tray Liners.  Remember to use Kelpman® Kelp Fertilizer to speed up germination rates and further boost your sprouts for optimum freshness and nutritional value.